Below is the procedure is given to activate and download your AVG Antivirus for your respective device. Instruction will help you to activate your AVG Antivirus just make sure you follow it correctly. avg.com/retail link will help us to download and activate avg antivirus products.


Steps to activate your AVG antivirus:

  1. Visit official link Avg.Com/retail.
  2. Now it will ask you to enter your name.
  3. Next step is to enter your email address.
  4. Create a new AVG antivirus password for your AVG product.
  5. So the next box will consist the following details enter your email address.
  6. Now you need to enter your AVG code.
  7. 16 digit AVG code consists of the Alphanumerical letter as well as alphabets.

Avg.com/retail link to Activate AVG:

FAQ for AVG key code location?

That totally depends upon the product as well as your system interface which you want to install AVG on.

For Windows – you just need to login into your AVG Anti-Virus account with your registered email id and password andyou will get the registered key code for your protection.

For Mac – need to visit the official website of AVG i.e www.Avg.Com/retail and at the corner top you will see an AVG symbol makea click on to “my account” and you can easily locate your AVG codeover there.

For Android – for Android and Smartphones you need to visit the official website for load the procedure you need to login into your AVG account with your registered email and the membership which you have with your AVG account will be enlisted and you can find your AVG key code for Android devices over there.

For Apple IOS – Apple iOS you need to buy an AVG card on the AVG card you need to scratch silver foil which contains the 16 digit code of your AVG which can be Alphanumerical that is alphabet as well as numerals.

Avg.com/retail Customer support.

If a problem arises how to contact customer support of AVG?

For any queries regarding your AVG problems, installation and activation you can directly contact the AVG customer support you will find the toll free number of AVG online. The official expert will help you to get rid of from all the problems you are having.  we are independent that support we help every customer of AVG as well as any other antivirus like McAfee Norton and Avast. If you need help from our tech experts can also help you to resolve all your AVG queries.  our website has a chat box you just need to ping to the expert and he will assist you online for AVG questions and problems.


WOULD I BE ABLE TO GET ONLINE Activation assistance FOR activation OF AVG?

Sure. We also provide the help for an online customer which are having any kind of trouble to install and activate AVG you just need to contact us on our toll-free number or you can ping our Tech expert and immediately our Tech expert will help you to resolve all your activation problems quickly.


Installation of AVG Antivirus it’s very very simple on the car you will get AVG 16 digit code you just need to go to official website of AVG that has Avg.Com/retail. Then after you will have a form to enter the details into your on-screen display you just need tofollow the onscreen instruction and you can very easily activate your AVG makesure it is activated.



AVG free trial consists of security and protection for 30 days it will allow you to make your system as well as a user to operate avg.com/retail user friendly so that in future if you having any kind of difficult to you just don’t need to worry about it as your user friendly with the AVG software you can easily incorporate your issues.